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Ross develops industrial racking solutions for the lumber industry. 皇冠365app首页使用结构宽法兰工字梁来设计Dexco®室内和室外悬臂货架,用于木材储存. At Ross, 皇冠365app首页提供标准和定制的Dexco货架解决方案,以满足每个客户的存储和安全要求. 皇冠365app首页的团队可以开发木材货架系统,帮助您保持适当的储存条件,为您的木材的种类和湿度水平.


Safe and Efficient Storage Solutions for the Lumber Industry

Our lumber racking systems include:

Cantilever Racking

The Dexco cantilever racking system 由于其定制的钢结构设计,可以存储几乎任何重量或尺寸的材料. 典型的Dexco悬臂臂可以承受1000到20000磅的载荷. 根据您的要求,皇冠365app首页还可以开发具有更高负载要求的系统. Since we have complete control over the manufacturing process, 皇冠365app首页可以为木材创造具有理想尺寸和容量的悬臂系统.

Outdoor Cantilever Racks & Lumber Storage Buildings

Also known as shed racks, Dexco outdoor cantilever racks 保护木材免受元素与可比的存储容量,皇冠365app首页的室内系统. We offer T-shed, l棚和得来速配置,以适应各种室外胶合板和木材存储布局. A typical Dexco outdoor cantilever arm will support up to 14,000 pounds of weight or higher, depending on your specifications.

Benefits of Structural Lumber Cantilever Racking


Accommodates Long, Bulky Materials

Dexco户外木材悬臂式存储系统可以配置尽可能多的臂,以容纳您需要的木材长度. Since they leave the vertical space between the arms open, 皇冠365app首页的悬臂架可以容纳不同长度和尺寸的木材在同一系统. 皇冠365app首页的木材存储架是伐木场帮助存储的完美解决方案:

  • Dimensional lumber like 2×4, 2×12, 2×6, 1×4, 1×6, 2×2 and more!
  • Pressure-treated lumber
  • Studs
  • Joists
  • Softwood
  • Sheets & Boards like Plywood sheets, OSB, Particle board, PVC sheets, MDF, Hardwood Lumber, Project panels, Shiplap and Shims

Industrial Weight Capacity

Depending on your capacity requirements, 您可以利用标准或定制的悬臂系统为您的木材存储. Due to the improved weight capacity of steel I-beams over rolled steel, our systems can meet a variety of weight specifications. Our standard cantilever racks will hold up to 10 tons of material, and you can request higher weight accommodations if needed.

Improved Accessibility and Safety

悬臂系统通过缺乏垂直障碍物提高木材的可及性和安全性. 与前面有垂直组件的存储系统相比,它们的开放式表面使叉车装卸木材更容易、更快. 通过减少装卸过程中潜在碰撞点的数量, cantilever lumber systems may also help you reduce related accidents.

Reconfiguration Options Available

皇冠365app首页设计Dexco木材悬臂架的重点是可调节性和模块化. As your storage requirements change, you can add or remove arms and columns to create the layout you need. 您还可以根据您的负载大小和形状重新配置手臂的位置. 标准系统的臂以4英寸的增量调整,并以2度的角度倾斜. 您也可以要求一个自定义悬臂架的手臂斜坡在陡峭的角度或调整在3英寸的垂直增量.

Request a Quote for a Custom Commercial Lumber Storage Rack System

To find the right Dexco system for your company, request a quote online.

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