Industrial Storage for Bar Stock and Steel Bars

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High-Strength Steel Racks with Durability & Flexibility for the Heaviest Stocks

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金属制造商和棒料分销商需要工业机架,超过商用存储系统的典型重量容量. Dexco® structural I-beam racking, engineered and manufactured by Ross, 有几种标准配置,适用于钢筋储存, with custom designs available to meet unique needs. At Ross, 皇冠365app首页可以开发一个货架系统,安全地持有酒吧库存库存,并提供额外的能力.  Dexco钢筋存储架可以增强您的存储操作,具有以下优点:


Weight Capacity of Up to 20,000 Pounds per Arm or Higher

在商业环境中生产的大量钢筋需要具有高重量容量的存储.  Dexco racks feature structural steel I-beams that store as much as 20,000 pounds of bar stock per cantilever arm or 80,000 pounds per shelf. Depending on your requirements, 皇冠365app首页可以开发具有更高容量的定制货架系统,以增加存储密度并节省您设施的占地面积.


Multiple Racking Configurations Available

使用金属棒的设施之间的存储和检索程序不同.  To provide the greatest possible flexibility in bar stock storage, we offer cantilever, stanchion and wide-span racks that can accommodate steel bars:

  • Cantilever racks: 悬臂架具有开放的表面和高容量,使其适合与物料搬运设备一起运输的物料. Dexco悬臂架每个臂可以容纳20,000磅或更多的酒吧库存. In addition to our standard indoor cantilever systems, 皇冠365app首页提供棚式配置的户外悬臂货架,以保护库存免受天气影响.
  • Stanchion racks: 支柱架通过使用结构钢隔板实现高效的地板存储.  可重新配置的帖子允许用户在一个水平上组织酒吧库存, making this racking style ideal for manual storage and retrieval.
  • Wide-span racks: Some clients who store bar stock use our wide-span die racks. 皇冠365app首页的工程师可以定制皇冠365app首页的模具架,以您的规格层, 垂直隔板和整体尺寸,以适应您的存储操作.


Suitable for Long and Bulky Loads

通常制造的长度很长,但仍然灵活和笨重的处理, bar stock can be difficult to store on typical commercial racking. Cantilever, 皇冠365官方app的支柱和大跨度货架可以容纳各种形状的长负载, enabling efficient metal bar storage and retrieval.


Expanded Storage Space Through Vertical Bar Stock Storage Racks

In operations where floor space is at a premium, 悬臂和大跨度机架的实施可以增加公司的垂直存储容量.  Many of these systems can store four or more levels of bar stock.


Learn More About Our Structural Steel Bar Stock Storage Racks

Visit the product pages for our structural steel cantilever racksoutdoor cantilever shed rackswide-span die racking systems and specialty stanchion racks for more information about each system.

To learn more about our custom capabilities and pricing, please request a quote.


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