Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers and Fencing

皇冠365官方app Perimeter Security offers several models of Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers, each of which gives you the utmost control over who can access your facility. Our anti-ram vehicle fences are crash tested to ensure they can act as a sturdy line of defense, providing the utmost security for high-threat or extremely private facilities.

Our line of anti-ram vehicle products includes two popular models:

(XL-501 / RSS-F501D)
M50 P1 Post & 梁栅栏

Our anti-ram Post & 梁栅栏 is a sought-after defense against vehicular attack of high-security facilities. 这些栅栏, made from durable structural steel, use a tubular beam outfitted with energy-absorbing material able to handle vehicular impact. Due to its flexible design, you can use our anti-ram fencing for a range of applications, from access control points and sensitive areas, such as embassies, to urban and corporate settings requiring an extra security touch.


M50 P1 Post & 梁门

Our beam-style gates are ideal for wide-entrance access control points. Incorporate a secure element to your facility with our system, designed with a rising beam controlled effectively by an electro-mechanical system. The gate serves as a barrier to unauthorized vehicles while operating smoothly and quickly to allow permitted vehicles to enter. 皇冠365app首页的文章 & 梁门 design offers maximum control and efficiency for wide entrances with high traffic.


The “Impact” of Quality Anti-Ram Barrier Products

Incorporating high-quality anti-ram vehicle barriers and fencing has the power to transform your facility’s security capabilities. Classic chain link fences cannot prevent vehicle attacks and cannot necessarily keep your property safe from forceful entry. 然而, our anti-ram barrier products are expertly designed to follow safety measures and ensure a durable, effective security control point.

Our anti-ram vehicle gates and barrier systems are engineered with impact in mind, as demonstrated by the crash test certification earned by several products. This certification ensures fences can handle and stop head-on vehicle impacts.

Whether you opt to add a fence or gate to your perimeter security system, you will find a strengthened ability to control vehicular site entry. High-risk locations, such as embassies, airports and military bases across the globe, use our products every day.


Anti-Ram Vehicle Fencing Durability

皇冠365官方app技术 has been a leading perimeter security expert since 1962. During these decades, we’ve produced thousands of barrier systems that stand the test of time. Our anti-ram barrier products are known for being long-lasting, thanks to quality design and expert manufacturing using only the finest materials. We use an optional epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat to create a durable finish that’s prepared to handle the gamut of environmental elements. Our high-strength and flexible tubing allows it to handle impact and tension.

We use the latest technologies to ensure our products are efficient and easy to operate. 结果是, 皇冠365官方app perimeter security products can offer the ultimate in durability without ever compromising on user-friendliness. Talk to a security barrier specialist 今天或 请求报价 了解更多.



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